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Manufacturing Management

Optimise and streamline production processes by detailed monitoring and managing employee and machine productivity at every stage. Flexibly adapt to changing demand by specifying exceptions and creating special orders.

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Dynamics 365 Business Central  / Dynamics NAV production module will grant you full control over the production process – from detailed planning to the final manufacturing of each piece. The system allows flexible approach to the design and prototyping of products and testing their different versions.

Integration with DataIn MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) will give you constant access to reliable data regarding the performance of individual machines, employee shifts and teams.

Take advantage of the advanced planning functions such as: automatic production preparation, relocation of raw materials and organisation of sub-orders.



  • Production planning: manual and automatic.
  • Advanced BOM structures and itineraries.
  • Automatic calculation of demand.
  • Comprehensive management of machines` and employees` productivity.
  • Various production models and multi-level orders.
  • Tracking production batches and inventory shortages.
  • Managing subcontractors.
  • Managing production costs.
  • Sharing documents such as technical specifications, plans and descriptions, as well as adding comments.

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