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Purchase and planning

Accelerate your business and eliminate errors with automation of stock checking and restocking, transactions posting and invoicing. Constant insight into transaction history will help you monitoring timely deliveries.

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Thanks to Dynamics 365 Business Central  / Dynamics NAV functions dedicated to purchases and liabilities you can significantly improve delivery management and reduce its costs.

You will set inventory restocking parameters yourself using a convenient purchase planning function. You will also easily plan your warehouse stock levels for many locations.

You will gain instant view into a detailed history of each transaction. You will find out e.g. when the RFP was submitted and how the order was processed (timeliness, returns and service).



  • Fast and automatic creation of orders.
  • Import of orders from external systems.
  • Comprehensive order management including: offers, bulk orders, budgets, inventory booking and direct delivery.
  • Price management (purchase, sales, discounts) and liabilities.
  • Electronic acceptance of orders and purchase invoices.
  • Access to extensive reporting options.

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