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MES Manufacturing Execusion Systems

Plan and optimise production with Manufacturing Execution System. Control the performance of machines, teams and work shifts. Get detailed information on downtimes, failures and productivity.

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You can plan and control each stage of the production and increase the efficiency of machines and workstations.

MES System (Manufacturing Execution System) is a modern tool developed by DataIn which enables you a constant on-line insight into production processes.

Thanks to the integration with Dynamics 365 Business Central / Dynamics NAV you will get a reliable and complete information on the actual use of your machine park.

An easy to use control panel enables you an ongoing tracking of production progress and responding quickly to reported breakdowns and downtime.




  • On-line review of the performance of machines, teams and production shifts.
  • Automatic generation of production and consumption reports.
  • Full integration with production machines (scales and mixers).
  • Insight into product formula directly at workstation.
  • Remote confirmation of each formula component.
  • Printing barcode labels.
  • Full integration with Dynamics 365 Business Central / Dynamics NAV.
Q & A:

Does the MES system collect production data?

Yes. MES collects production data and enables direct insight into them at any time. Thanks to this you can compare working time and productivity of machines, teams and work shifts. By analysing this information you will be able to manage resources and production more efficiently.

What benefits arise from the integration of MES with Dynamics 365 Business Central / Dynamics NAV?

MES is fully integrated with Dynamics 365 Business Central / Dynamics NAV. Thanks to this all data exchanged between the two systems are always up to date and have one source. The integration is smooth because of the use of the latest Microsoft tools like e.g. Webservice.

What data do I obtain from MES?

MES will provide you with information on the actual use of the machine park, that is:
– performance data of machines, teams and work shifts,
– information on downtime, breakdowns and planned breaks.
Control panel enables you the following of production progress on an ongoing basis and a prompt responding to the reported failures and downtimes.

What devices can I connect to the system?

MES integrates well with production scales, mixers, printers and bar code readers. Specialised equipment is often used in difficult working conditions to confirm operations or report production.


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