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Working together – Office 365

Improve teamwork efficiency by enabling your employees to share their work and exchange data freely. Organise a creative workspace where everyone can participate in several projects at the same time. Create plans, organise and assign tasks to share them later on.

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If you are looking for an intuitive and friendly tool for the creation of content and preparation of modern presentations that will also simplify the communication between your team members, Office 365 is the optimal choice.

It offers new functionalities that will allow you e.g. to insert handwritten notes and remarks to documents, automatically search for presentation pictures or control slide shows from the level of your smartphone.

Microsoft Teams and Planner will help you to improve information flow, better organise teamwork, schedule tasks and monitor progress.



  • Intuitive and easy-to-use Office 2016 suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access.
  • Secure cloud files storage (One Drive for Business).
  • Planner: planning, tasks organisation and control of realisation times.
  • Microsoft Teams – creating workspaces, organising on-line meetings, efficient communication and data exchange with your team.
  • Text scanning, reading and handwriting conversion: Office Lens.
  • OneNote: solving complicated mathematical operations.
  • Enables inerting handwritten corrections, notes and remarks.
  • Power Point Designer: automatic composition of slides, photo search, access to icons and vectors database, as well as slide animation (Morph function).
  • Office Remote – controlling your presentation with smartphone.
Q & A:

How much are the fees and licenses?

There are many packages to choose from. They may contain various configurations of products and services related to Office 365. The prices vary depending on whether you are interested in Office products (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) or Microsoft cloud tools and services.
The license fee is calculated on a monthly basis. The minimum subscription period is 1 year, and the prices start at a few Euros per user with access to all services both at work and at home.
The license is delivered remotely and you get the products ready for immediate use. During the whole subscription time you have the access to all updates, new functionalities and patches. Microsoft 24h technical support remains also at your disposal.

May employees install Office 365 on their computers at home?

Business licenses, in accordance with Microsoft`s licensing policy, may be used for non-commercial (private) purposes.
One Office 365 license allows you to install all applications on up to 15 devices. This may mean for example: 5 computers (PC and MAC), 5 cellphones and 5 tablets.
In this way your employees may have access to applications such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint also at home.

How many people in the company can use Office 365?

You can start with buying one license for your business and get additional ones later. However, you should remember that only the user to whom the license is assigned will be able to use the applications.
The system may be installed on 15 devices of this one user.

Do all of the Office files (e.g. Word files) have to be made available on-line? Can I save them only for myself on my own computer?

In most Office 365 packages you get access to One Drive which is (often unlimited) virtual disk space.
One Drive allows you to store and share files. You can also conveniently edit them from anywhere in the world at any time via mobile devices with internet access.
If you do not want to save files in the cloud, you can save them on your local disk or any other location without uploading them. You will be able to access them just as before.

What does the Office 365 training involve?

Office 365 installation and access is simple and intuitive. DataIn experts will help you to configure it and make your first successful steps.
Thanks to the training you will take the full advantage of the Office products and services from the very beginning. You will also get practical tips for choosing the optimal solutions. You will learn how to customise the functions of each application in accordance with your needs.
You will get support in integrating Office 365 working environment and will learn how to take advantage of team work tools: Teams Planner, Flow and many more.


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