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Power BI

Visualise data, create reports, analyse and improve strategies in a convenient and fast manner. Thanks to the use of Power BI analytical tools you will take the full advantage of Dynamics 365 Business Central / Dynamics NAV and Office 365.

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With Power BI tools you can analyse, present and share data in a more convenient way.  Advanced features and templates allow you to create reliable dashboards and reports based on real data from various sources.

This is a self-service software that does not require any programming support and is available on mobile devices. The automatic data refresh function allows you to be up-to-date and easily access the latest versions of documents.



  • Access to Big Data sources of information, fast filtering and viewing of source data.
  • Combining different data sources into one coherent report (reporting in various forms).
  • Sharing reports.
  • Automatic data refresh and download.
  • Intuitive on-line and off-line working environment; access to reports from any location (at iOS, Windows and Android).
  • Integration with Dynamics 365 Business Central / Dynamics NAV.
Q & A:

What does the "reporting in various forms" mean?

Thanks to Power BI you will compare the same data in various ways, changing their sorting and grouping. This will allow you to look at your business from different points of view. For example, you can track sales data in terms of regions, salesmen and time, smoothly changing filters and range. You can also aggregate the information from various areas of your company in one dashboard to have a full view into the most important data. All this also on-line on your mobile device from anywhere you are.

Can I have remote access to data from Dynamics 365 Business Central / Dynamics NAV with Power BI?

Yes, Power BI allows you to access on-line data in Microsoft Azure. Local databases may have limitations in the amount of data refreshing, however it allows a swift work on reports and analyses. What is important, Power BI is a self-service system, designed in such a way enabling the user to independently create advanced analyses and reports both for his own as well as managers` needs.

What are the fees?

Basic Power BI version (however with complete functionality) is available for free. All you need to do is download the program to use it after a short training. Power BI Pro version is designed for organisations processing more data and requiring more users. It allows you to continuously refresh data, including also local resources, and to share files and work together on reports.

Power BI is self-service - what should I do to make the most of its functions?

Power BI is very easy to use and allows even less experienced users to create interesting reports and analyses. However, it is worth using the full potential of this robust Business Intelligence system.You can order our advanced training with DataIn specialist and save your time by quickly discovering all the useful functions of the system. You will get answers to your questions and learn how to prepare complex analyses and sheets.

If I share a report with several people, can I decide which one will be able to modify it?

Power BI offers various user rights in an organisation which may be specified at an administrative level. If you do not have an IT administrator in your company, please contact us and we will adjust the settings accordingly for you.


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