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Time Register System

Improve your HR/payroll settlements and manage your employees more efficiently. WTL system (Working Time Log) logs every minute worked. Thanks to this you will gain reliable data simplifying work organisation.

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You will be able to manage working time in your company efficiently thanks to the WTL (Working Time Log) system developed by DataIn which accurately logs man-hours.

Integration with RFID devices means that the system recognises and confirms clocking in and out both on the main gate and at the specific workstation.

WTL enables assigning an employee to a specific machine or station, scheduling and logging events related to changing a workplace. Flexible overview of working time facilitates a very accurate calculation of worked hours.

The solution is fully integrated with Dynamics 365 Business Central / Dynamics NAV.



  • Detailed logging of employees` working time (RFID technology).
  • Automatic logging of: clocking in and out on the main gate, presence at a workstation, starting and finishing work.
  • Planning work on machines and production stations: working plan displayed at the workstation.
Q & A:

How to import working time data into HR/payroll system?

The data may be sent either automatically (with an option to verify and modify them) or in a chosen text format. You have also a constant on-line access to information on employees’ working time, every day, on an ongoing basis. This way you can promptly address staff`s latecomings or the lack of discipline in logging in.

Is the fee for WTL one-off or recurring?

The fee is one-time only and it depends on the functionalities you wish to implement. The system can log working time both at the main gate and at workstations (in a more detailed mode). It also allows you to enter staff`s working hours schedule for each machine.Your employees can change workstations during the day by logging in to a given station. It is also possible to log breaks. Data can be saved both on-line and off-line. You can get detailed information about the exact fee after a quick analysis of your needs.

Will the system work if I employ over 500 people?

Yes, WTL is unlimited in terms of number of employees in the database. It integrates with HR/payroll system and downloads the current list of employees. Data processing takes place at a single employee level without unnecessary congestion of system resources.

How does the employee confirm his presence at the main gate?

The employee logs in by touching RFID data carrier (card, RFID tags) to the reader at the main gate. Then the screen displays his number, name, surname and photo so that he can be verified by security staff. He can also see the main gate login and logout times. The employee does not have to confirm or click anything on the screen and the system waits for the next employee to log in. When logging in at workstations, the employee identifies himself on the touch screen, whether he starts work, stars break or changes a workstation.

Can I use WTL without Dynamics 365 Business Central / Dynamics NAV?

Yes, you can use WTL independently or in combination with any system of your choosing. We will match all the elements so that WTL co-operates with your HR/payroll system.Also the changing market situation and company development gives the opportunity to make use of the flexibility of the system. In this way Dynamics 365 Business Central / Dynamics NAV becomes an integral part of your business which is harmonised with its rhythm.


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